Enicont offers solutions for the assembly and subsequent treatment of the part and its components on the production lines. Our solutions range from ergonomic manual assembly stations to complete stations with automatic assembly. The part and its components (staples, screws, labels, etc.) are assembled using different methods (clipping, screwing, ultrasound, etc.). All this is combined with quality control based on standard, complex sensors or machine vision. We also offer solutions in assembly lines with part part movements by FMS or conveyor belts. For the supply of components we can use LEAN systems, also combining different marking systems with production traceability.


The control of the part and its components is an indispensable requirement in today’s assembly lines. Our control peripherals incorporate different poka-yoke systems based on combined solutions such as:
  • Standard or Precision Sensors
  • 2D, 3D machine vision
  • Leakage test
  • Mechanical Poka-yoke


The assembly of the part with its components can be manual, automatic or semi-automatic, the operator places the components in some housings that are later assembled in the part with a mechanical system. Our assembly stations are based on the ergonomic criteria requested by our customers.

We use different assembly techniques such as: insertion, clipping, ultrasonic welding, screwing, etc. The feeding of the components can also be automatic using vibrating bowl type feeders, Bin picking or blister packs.


The joining of components with the main part in most cases is done by screwing, adhesive bond or ultrasonic welding. In collaboration with our partners we offer assembly solutions in this type of technology. Our equipment can be manual or automatic, depending on the installation.


The space in an assembly plant is increasingly reduced and the change of format or model more common, this trend leads us to make equipment that is versatile to use in several projects. We make assembly peripherals based on a standard chassis or structure where the pneumatic part and the system control are housed. These chassis can include different cassettes where the tooling part is located, thus reducing costs and space by almost 50%.


Ergonomics criteria are more and more demanded in the different companies. Repetitive work and the diversity of operators create the need to adapt, as far as possible, the workplace to each operator. Our assembly stations can incorporate different systems of height adjustment, tilting (orientation of the part ) and light regulation to adapt them to the different operators. This regulation can be manual or assisted.


We develop complete assembly lines with exchange of parts through FMS lines. The flow of parts and operations at each station are controlled by a central PC. The supply of components and their tracking can be done through a Lean manufacturing system with use control by Pick to Ligth and traceability by barcode, Datamatrix or RFID.

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