eoat gripper robot

We design and build Robot´s grippers and tools for the extraction and positioning of parts, allowing a later handling and processing of these. We offer different solutions adapted to the needs of our customers:

  • Study, design and assembly of the gripper.
  • Assembly of the gripper from a customer’s 3D plan or Diagram.
  • Supply of materials and advice.
  • Robot programming : Cartesian (Sepro, Wittman) or 6 axis ( Abb, Fanuc; Yaskawa, etc.).


Robot grippers manufactured from standard Kit-type elements offer a versatile and economical solution for handling and removing parts. The possibility of adjustment is infinite and in addition we can reuse the elements for different projects. Our design and assembly team carries out the design of the gripper with a 3D pre-study and assembly ready to make small adjustments in the plant.


On many occasions it is necessary to change the position of the parts once they have been removed from the mould, in order to position them and treat them in subsequent processes. One solution is to include in the robot’s own gripper or hand the linear or circular movements whith pneumatic or motorized type to adapt the parts to a new position. This operation can be carried out during the part translation process, this way saving cycle time.


A current solution in the construction of robot hands or grippers , can be through the additive technology with 3D printing. The excellent results obtained with this type of printing allow us to make robust designs with very reduced weights. We design gripper hands with complex shapes to adapt to the surface of the part and thus allow a more reliable extraction and handling of the part.



Label, Fabric, Metal

The overmolding technique consists of placing inserts in the mould before manufacturing the part to achieve a simpler and more robust joint of components. At Enicont, we specialise in the overmolding of all types of inserts: metal, fabric, labels, etc. Our sophisticated grippers or hands Robots are adapted in most cases to any type of robot, Cartesian or 6-axis. We also make the insert feeding stations.


Sprues are today a common solution in many mould maker. Space problems or high costs in the moulds sometimes do not allow for a hot runner or underwater Sprues system. Added to this are today’s demanding hight quality, which in many cases require multiple injection points or sequential injection to achieve optimum results. For all these reasons it is very common to find parts with Sprues that later have to be cut or removed. At Enicont we have been working with this type of application for years and have developed different cutting systems:
  • ON BOARD: The Sprues cut is located in the gripper itself.
  • Cutting tool or peripheral: The parts are positioned in a tooling. where the different cutting equipment is located.


Quick and Automatic

It is becoming increasingly common to change formats due to JUST IN TIME production. Moreover, the changeover time is not productive and in many occasions it has to be done by specialized technical staff. The option of placing a manual quick change allows it to be precise and free of problems with tubes and connections (electric and pneumatic). There is also the option of automatic change, where the robot makes the change according to the program. Our solutions are suitable for most robots on the market.

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