Machine vision has become a necessity for quality control in processes. The inspection of the production together with the traceability of the product do that we can obtain a large amount of the data to be able to correct the possible defects or to improve the manufacture. At Enicont we offer integral solutions in machine vision with the most current technologies such as 3D vision and Datamatrix code.


Cost reduction in equipment and technological advances have meant that machine vision has become commonsomething in today’s production lines. The 2D vision allows to measure parts, detect deformations or scratches on the surface, identify colors, graphics and text. Our vision solutions can be mounted directly on the line, on autonomous assembly stations or on robots. We will integrate the solution that best suits to your production process.


We use the most innovative technologies for quality control of parts, such as 3D machine vision. A combination of vision and laser that allows us to analyze the surface in 3 dimensions. With this new technology we can monitor parts and components of the same colour and shade that are very complicated to monitor with conventional vision. Other advantages are that it allows us to identify porous surfaces.


We integrate code readers with the 2 current technologies: The standard bar and the Datamatrix. Depending on the application and need the reader can be:
  • Manual: Gun type
  • On board: Mounted on a robot
  • Continuous: Mounted on the line on a conveyor belt or on an FMS line to verify the code in automatic.

Laser Marking

Laser marking is one of the fastest and most accurate marking techniques available today. We can mark many materials at high speed and with extraordinary quality. Other advantages are that no consumables are required and maintenance is very low. We use marking equipment with the most innovative technology such as adaptation of the marking distance to achieve quality marking on round parts such as tubes, for example.


Micropunching is a clean and permanent marking technique for almost all types of plastic or metal parts. It allows the engraving of characters and codes. This technique also requires hardly any consumables. Micropunching consists of an electromechanical 3-axis system with a punch that engraves a surface.


Inkjet is a marking technique that has a great advantage over the rest and is that we can mark a part in color. It is an easy solution to implement. It consists of an inkjet that together with the measurement of the translation of the part by means of an enconder or by robot position is marking characters or codes.

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