The packaging and palletizing of the production is one of the largest operations carried out today. A correct packaging of the product and a reduction of the preparation times are as important as the production itself. At Enicont, we offer solutions that range from picking, to palletizing boxes, to transporting a pallet to another point in the plant. All this is controlled by a suitable traceability system.


Picking or selection and packaging system is a very common operation in the different industrial sectors. Reducing space in the packaging and/or protecting the parts is almost essential in the current flow of goods. We carry out packaging systems on: blister packs, boxes, etc. With different technologies: 6 axis robot, spider, Scara, Pick and Place, etc.


The Box Station is a peripheral for feeding boxes and separators or blister packs to production cells, such as injection molding machines. The boxes and blisters are loaded manually by the operator in stacks or directly on a conveyor belt, while the Box Station is responsible for preparing the boxes and separators for palletizing the pieces. The Box station can be used for various box formats and dividers or blisters, and can be prepared to be placed on different machines.


The palletizing of boxes directly on the pallet is carried out by a 6-axis robot or a mechanic gantry. We use a gripper with the possibility of adapting to different box formats. Palletizing allows different types or patterns to adapt to the shapes of the boxes and types of pallets. We also integrate film equipment for pallet wrapping. In this way, we obtain a pallet ready to be transported directly from the production line.


The movement of pallets from one area of the plant to another is often problematic, due to the space and movement of forklifts and operators in the same areas. Together with our partners we distribute and provide after-sales service of an autonomous and programmable robot with a capacity for 500 or 1000 kg pallets. The robot picks up the pallet from one station and moves it to another station automatically.


The marking of parts, boxes, pallets or containers is essential for a current system of traceability. For the marking of the parts we use equipment with different technologies: micro punching, inkjet, laser. In the boxes or pallets we use the label with the different bar codes or a RFID system.


For the traceability of parts, packaging, pallets or containers we integrate different marking systems and code or text readers. In the containers or transport tools we can also use the RFID technology with the information tags. The combination of different systems allows us to have control over our production and transport online.

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