Our 1k PUR (single component polyurethane foam) gasket represents an excellent solution as a sealing gasket against water, noise and dust. It can be applied in cases where this was not possible before, such as 3D contours, has a high availability and is very stable.

This technology is becoming established in the automotive, electronics and white goods sectors. The system is very versatile, since when applied by robot it allows to change the shape of the gasket instantly. The hardness of the gasket can also be modified by changing the amount of air in the mixture by a simple change of parameter in the HMI of the dispensing equipment.


The continuous dispensing technology for single-component PUR gaskets, where only the PUR is mixed with air to obtain the seal, replaces in many cases the usual seals made of silicone and other materials. It offers a better quality in most of the hermetic seals with high protection degree (IP).

This technology is being imposed in the assembly of automobile parts, constituting an insulator against noise much higher than the adhesive materials commonly used. Its automatic placement and high stability are its great advantages.


One of the great advantages of this solution for gaskets is the possibility of applying it to 3D surfaces. Since it is a thixotropic material (more solid than liquid) and has a great capacity of grip, it offers the possibility of placing the gasket on inclined surfaces. This allows us to place it in special housings such as Cable Sealing Inlet, registers or gaskets between parts in 3 dimensions.


PUR 1K is only mixed with air to obtain the gasket. The hardness of the gasket can easily be varied by changing the air/raw material ratio of the mixture. The shape of the gasket is also easy to modify by simply changing the path and speed of the application robot. In this way, we can obtain different thicknesses and different hardnesses quickly. This is a totally versatile solution.


The design project of an assembly (part, counterpart and gasket) is in most cases complicated. Many times the part and the counterpart come from different suppliers, for example, a plastic part that is assembled with a metal part. The process of designing and building the moulds is long and the modifications afterwards are usually complex. With our gasket system we can change the design and hardness of the gasket easily and quickly, only changing the path of the robot and the degree of foaming. This very versatile system allows us in many cases to adapt to unforeseen end uses without making changes to moulds or materials that are usually very complex and time-consuming.


A PUR dispensing system consists of: raw material pump, foaming and dispensing equipment, 6-axis robot and oven. There are different combinations depending on the application: the head can be fixed or mounted on the robot; the loading and unloading of the part can be manual, through a rotary turntabler or through a fully automatic handling. In automatic handling, the robot removes the part from the injectión machine, performs the dispensing and places it in the oven. We can also feed the parts by means of a conveyor belt. In short, we can adapt our gasket application system to your process.


In many cases our customers prefer to outsource the application of the gasket because they do not have a very large production volume, it is their first application or they have a discontinuous production. We have equipment to carry out the production in our facilities. In many occasions it is an advantage, because the investment in equipment and Staff is 0. If you are interested in the Contract gasketing, consult us and we will carry out a study of the part and application cost per unit.

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